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Product Quality

American Family Insurance
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Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution


Summary: American Family Insurance is newer in Utah and doing a great job with auto and home insurance. I approached them for a quote about three years ago and have been so happy with the coverage I have had so far. I am hoping that I never have to file a claim, but I know that if I do they will help me get everything worked out and back on with my life.

Full Review

Product Selection 

Product Quality 
I have always been impressed with American Family Insurance. They are always very fast to get back to me and help me out with any problems that I have had. Also, my rates have consistenly gone down over the past three years without my ever asking for a rate review.

My agent, Kurt Johansen, is apparently being promoted so I will have a new agent, but as far as insurance companies go, I have always been impressed with American Family. The level of service is so high that I would compare them with my experience with Progressive, which was very positive.

American Family is very well priced. When I first signed up with them, I drove a Jeep Wrangler, which typically carries high premiums because it has a high center of gravity and is convertible. However, I paid about $60/month for insurance and my rates have only got better. I suggest you shop around for the best price - different insurers have different algorithms to determine your rate, so you can't go wrong getting a few quotes.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
I have never been pressured by American Family. In fact, I called them to add health insurance, and even though they did have a policy that I could have bought, they referred me to another local insurer that they said would be a better fit for me - I have never seen this before in the insurance industry.

Problem Resolution 
I have never had a big problem with American Family (I have never filed a claim), but recently I added my wife to my policy and had some problems getting all the paperwork done. I made one follow-up call and everything was resolved - in less than a week we had out new insurance cards.

American Family is a great value for auto insurance. Also, we insure the contents of our home through them and the price is very good. I highly recommend them.

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