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Product Selection

Big City Soup

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235 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah



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Summary: We love Big City Soup - the prices are great as is the food. My only warning is that you may become addicted to the butternut squash or the lobster bisque - everything I have ever had at Big City is great.

Full Review

Product Selection 
They have a great selection of soups. My wife and I especially like the butternut squash soup, but it is seasonal. Also, I highly recommend the lobster bisque - it is to die for.

Product Quality 
It is kind of weird - the first time we were eating at Big City, I thought the food was alright. But then all I could think about was the soup. The next time I had it, I realized that I loved it and was addicted to it. The bread was great also.

They are always friendly and will let you sample any of the soups. Every time we eat at Big City Soup we leave feeling like they really appreciated us as customers.

You can expect to pay about $5 for an 8 oz. bowl of soup, some bread and some cheese. Not too bad for downtown.

Problem Resolution  NA
Never had a problem at Big City - they are great!

This is one of the greatest values for eating in downtown Salt Lake. You get a great meal at a great price and even have great service - I don't know many places that offer all that.

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