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Big-O Tires

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Summary: Big-O Tires sells and services tires in various locations across the western United States. They are very popular in Utah and offer very good customer service. If you buy tires from them, they will rotate them for free and repair them. Also, if something happens to your tire on the sidewall, which is not repairable, they will replace them for free for the life of the tire. I am always impressed with their team because they are very friendly, but caution consumers to be careful and verify everything they are told by a Big-O salesman.

Full Review

Product Selection 
They have a pretty large selection of tires. Of course, they will try pretty hard to push you into their store brand tires, which surprisingly are more expensive than the other ones they sell. I have not investigated this too thoroughly, but I would guess that they are pushing harder on their tires because they make them for cheaper and have a higher margin - I would doubt if they are really superior to the other tires that they carry.

Product Quality 
The last time I bought tires for my Jeep I got them at Big-O. They were nice tires and held up well. In addition, Big-O was very good at rotating them for free as they had promised. They held their tread for longer than I had expected and even when I sold the Jeep 30K miles later, they were still in good shape. Note that I did not purchase the Big-O brand tires, they were Michelin.

They are always very friendly. For example, I had a flat tire the other day on my Audi (see Ken Garff Audi) and was looking for a place that could help me. It was about 10 minutes to six o'clock and I went to two places that told me they could not help me because they were about to close. I was surprised because typically as long as you get to a place before they close, they help you out. So by the time I had been rejected twice (once at 5:50 and next at 5:55), it was after six and I thought nobody would help me. I pulled in to Big-O just to see if they might help me, and sure enough they did. Moreover, the techs that looked at it did not seem annoyed at all to be staying for a few minutes.

For repairs, they are extremely cheap. I did not buy my tires for the Audi from Big-O, but they still fixed two flats (yes, I had picked up two nails in my neighborhood, I just hadn't noticed that the other tire was losing air as well) for $7. I was very impressed. However, I rated them low on price because looking at their tires, they seemed to be pretty overpriced. For example, I saw some tires that were available at Costco (same brand and everything) for about 20% cheaper. I probably will not buy my next tires here, but I would consider it if I did not live near a Costco.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
You have to take everything with a grain of salt that any salesman tells you. For example, when I used to get my tires rotated at Big-O, they would invariably find a million things wrong with my car that were critical. I used to worry a lot about these, but then one time my wife and I went together and she took her Ford Explorer that had just had a brake job done. Sure enough, they told her that she needed new brakes, so I realized that there was no truth to these "recommendations" so I just ignored them from that point on.

Problem Resolution  NA
I have never really had a big problem with them. As I mentioned before, just take everything the salesmen say with a grain of salt and you will be OK.

The overall value of buying tires at Big-O is pretty high because they do back up what they sell and are very helpful in finding the tires that will work best for you. Just keep in mind that they are commission-driven and you will need to verify most of the information that they give you. I do not score them very low on this point because I think that it is something you have to deal with regardless of where you buy your tires (with the possible exception of Costco).

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