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Summary: Cafe Rio is a great Mexican Restaurant. It is not-quite-fast-food, but not quite a sit-down restaurant. Basically, you wait in a line to order your food and they prepare it while you watch. They use fresh ingredients and every dish that I have had is delicious. My plain advice - if you like Mexican food and live in Utah, you need to eat at Cafe Rio.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Cafe Rio has a great selection of Mexican food. I like everything that I have ever eaten there - from salads to tacos and burritos. They also have specials on certain days of the week that are great. Cafe Rio is highly recommended, great Mexican food. If you get one of the salads (shredded pork, chicken, etc.), try the cilantro-lime vinaigrette - it is fantastic. The enchiladas, burritos, tacos, fajitas, etc. are all great. I have always said that a great tortilla makes a burrito spectacular and their flour tortillas are great.

Product Quality 
Anybody who likes Mexican food will like Cafe Rio. At many places you have to worry about how fresh the ingredients are (especially things like lettuce), but Cafe Rio has so many customers that the ingredients never have a chance to go bad.

The employees are always very friendly. The one thing that you should be aware of is that if you go during peak dinner or lunch times, you can expect to wait in a pretty long line before you get your food. I have had to wait up to an hour before to get to the front of the line.

For great Mexican food, the prices are good. If you have ever eaten at Beto's (which is, by the way, very good), the cost is about the same. You can expect to pay about $6 per person for a decent sized meal.

Problem Resolution  NA
Never had a problem.

Cafe Rio is a great value. You get a lot of food, the prices are reasonable and the food tastes great. If you like Mexican food, Cafe Rio might just become a weekly tradition (as it has with my parents).

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