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Del Taco

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Summary: I highly recommend Del Taco to anybody looking for Mexican fast food. I really like Mexican food and eat at Taco Bell quite a bit. Del Taco, however, has a menu that is more spicy and authentic than Taco Bell. Their new crispy fish taco is highly recommended if you like fish tacos.

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Product Selection 
Del Taco has a great selection of different types of food. They are most well-known for their Mexican food, but their American dishes are great also (I highly recommend their chili cheese fries).

Product Quality 
Considering this is fast food, this stuff is good. If you like fish tacos, I highly recommend their new crispy fish tacos - I would compare them to Rubio's, which is a great Mexican seafood restaurant.

Usually I expect pretty bad service at a fast food restaurant. However, recently my wife and I ate at the Del Taco on 7200 South and Redwood Road and couldn't believe how nice the employees were. First of all, we walked in at a slow time, so we were expecting that the employees would be busy cleaning and stuff (which has been our experience in the past). However, the guy at the register made an extra effort to get to us right away and was very polite. Again, this is not something that you usually see at a fast food restaurant - thumbs up to Del Taco.

When my wife and I ate at Del Taco, we hadn't eaten there in quite a while. I was amazed at how cheap it was to get a ton of food - we got a LOT of Mexican food for two people and drinks for under ten bucks.

Problem Resolution  NA
We didn't have any problems.

Del Taco is a great value - I highly recommend eating here if you want some good Mexican food without the long wait and price that you can expect at a place like Cafe Rio. I like Mexican fast food, and I would definitely say that Del Taco is up there.

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