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The Family Tree Restaurant *           Overall Score      

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Product Selection

The Family Tree Restaurant

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77 West Main
Santaquin, UT 84655



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Summary: The Family Tree Restaurant is located in Santaquin, Utah, which is not convenient for most people in Utah. However, if you are in Provo it is a short drive (twenty minutes or so) and well-worth the effort. Also, if you are going to Vegas, it is right off the freeway and deserves a stop-in. They have the best scones you will find anywhere. Warning: They are huge - if you are getting the scone as an appetizer or a dessert, you could easily feed 5-6 people with one scone!

Full Review

Product Selection 
They have a great selection including burgers, sandwiches, steaks, navajo tacos, scones, etc. I was surprised at how comprehensive their menu was considering how small it was.

Product Quality 
The food is fantastic. My wife got a french dip sandwich and I got a navajo taco - each of them was cooked to perfection and the portions were very generous.

The Family Tree is a small, family-owned restaurant. According to the introduction in the menu, each of the workers is a member of the founding family. Our server was very friendly and the food was prepared very quickly. We could not have asked for better service.

You are not going to pay a lot for a great dinner at The Family Tree - at most, you should plan on spending about $10 per person, but the portions are so huge that you could easily share an entree and, including drinks and a scone for dessert, spend $6 or $7 a person.

Problem Resolution  NA
We had a great experience with no problems.

This is the best value restaurant that I have seen in a long time. They have great food, great service and a reasonable price. It is well worth the drive down to Santaquin and has a rustic feel.

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