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Product Quality

J.R. Nielsen

Salt Lake City, UT



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Summary: JR Nielsen is a professional hairstylist who works in McCarty Salon in Foothill Village. He always does a great job and stands behind his work. He is passionate about what he does and has a great sense of style. He will make you look modern without getting swept up in every fly-by-night trend. Be aware that JR Nielsen is an independent contractor who works with many other stylists, so they don't take credit cards yet. Make sure you bring a cash or check.

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Product Selection 

Product Quality 
JR does a great job. You won't get a better haircut in Salt Lake. In fact, JR is so good that you can plan on scheduling him 6 weeks out if you would like a weekend appointment (you can typically get in in 3-4 weeks for an appointment during the week).

JR is very friendly and remembers all of his regular clients. Also, the rest of the staff (which handles scheduling and washes your hair) is also very friendly.

You will pay more for a high-quality haircut from someone like JR than you will pay at a run-of-the-mill barbershop. You can expect to pay about $35 for a haircut with short hair and $45 for long.

Reasonable Sales Tactics  NA
JR is a professional and does not use any kind of sales tactics. He has more business than he can handle as it is.

Problem Resolution  NA
We have never had a problem with a haircut from JR.

If you are looking for a good haircut, you should definitely give JR a ring. The higher price is definitely worth it if you care how your hair looks.

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