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Product Quality

Jim's Auto
Center Street
Provo, UT 84606



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution



Summary: I hate dealing with car problems and the way I've been treated by some of them (death to Orem Auto Electric, what jerks!). Since I'm a woman who doesn't know much about cars I feel some auto repair shops have been less than honest with me. I only wish they drove me to work when I leave my car there. However, they make up for it in other ways!

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Product Selection 

Product Quality 
They are fair and do a good job.

The first time I went there I thought the woman at the front desk was having a good day. Then I discovered her & her husband who run the shop *always* seem to be in a good mood. So rare! They seem to love what they do. They are down-to-earth (not a fancy joint).

Very fair price, good explanation of what needs to be done and why.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
Thankfully they don't try to sell you anything, just fix your car.

Problem Resolution  NA
Never had a problem in over 3 years.

They communicate well, they fix your car well, the price is right, they are honest. What a value.

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