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Ken Garff Audi/VW *           Overall Score      

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Product Selection

Ken Garff Audi/VW

Product Quality

195 East University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution



Summary: I have bought three cars from this dealership because I like the way I am treated there. The management has been able to maintain this quality even when I meet a different salesman. They foster a premier level of customer care and I will be back to buy again.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Anything that I wanted was either on the lot or available within a day or two. I made three purchases from them and all three times what I wanted was already there.

Product Quality 
Product quality has always been top-notch. Warantees were great, but I have never had to repair or replace a failed part.

Service is great. They are friendly and try to make you comfortable. They have the standard waiting area with tv and stuff to read and they even have a computer terminal for customers to use while they wait.

I had a question of how the numbers worked in different scenarios and I was invited to the sales manager's office to watch over his shoulder while he worked up different offers. There was nothing to hide and the managers were happy to explain anything. It was nice knowing that they would even show how much profit they were making. Compared to other dealers this doesn't happen so easily. No song and dance routine.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
I grade a dealership on how easily they will let you walk out the door wihtout buying. I spent several hours trying to leave a Chevy dealer at the Automall in Sandy and I felt badly for leaving. The bottom line is that the decision to buy is mine and I never felt coerced into a decision. I know that the managers will want to speak to me before I leave just to see if there was anything left to do, but I never felt trapped.

Problem Resolution  NA
No problems.

I realize that I pay more for doing business with a dealership, but I have come to expect more from them as well. I have been to a few other dealers while shopping for a car and I don't feel that I am getting treated as well for the same money they are asking. My experience at the Automall comes screaming back to me when I think of how some dealers just want to make a sale, not a customer.

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