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Mad Dog Cycles *           Overall Score      

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Product Selection

Mad Dog Cycles

Product Quality

936 E 450 N
Provo, UT 84606



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution



Summary: I had a great experience with Mad Dog Cycles - I didn't buy a bike, but I bought a Camelback and some components for my bike. If you have shopped around for components, you will find that you usually spend an arm and a leg, but they will work with you to get you exactly what you need in your price range. I highly recommend Mad Dog Cycles. Note: They also have a location in Orem. Check their website for the address.

Full Review

Product Selection 
I was very impressed with the selections of mountain and road bikes that I found at Mad Dog. I was happy to see that they carry Specialized bikes which I was not able to find at Golson's Cycles (although I did have a good experience and got a good deal on a Gary Fisher).

Product Quality 
I just got a Camelback and some tools for my bike, so I can't speak for the bikes themselves (although Specialized is my favorite brand and they make great bikes, so you shouldn't have a problem).

The guy that helped me really seemed to know what he was talking about and he was obviously a mountain biker. I hate going to a place and getting advice from someone who doesn't even use the products that they sell - this isn't a problem at Mad Dog.

On the stuff that I bought, the prices were really good. There was a sale going on and the salesman actually directed me to a Camelback that was on sale after I was looking at a more expensive one. Also, he knew what tools I needed and told me what would get me "the most bang for the buck."

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
See "Price." I was very impressed with the reasonable sales tactics used by Mad Dog - it didn't seem like they were just trying to get me to spend more money on stuff I didn't need. This is a good business move because it made me want to spend more.

Problem Resolution  NA
No problems when working with this company.

If you need a mountain bike and you live in Utah, you should check out Mad Dog Cycles. They have a friendly, well-trained staff that are mountain bikers themselves.

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