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Panache Catering *           Overall Score      

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Product Quality

Panache Catering
P.O. Box 520040
Salt Lake City, UT 84152



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution


Summary: Panache Catering is one of the premier (read expensive) catering companies in the Salt Lake City area, specializing in weddings. They were nice at first and made our wishes seem reasonable, but by the time we were close to finalizing the details, the price had risen 200%. They were dishonest from the beginning and did not do anything that had originally been promised. Our advice - try Culinary Crafts Utah Catering.

Full Review

Product Selection 

Product Quality 
As a high-end caterer, the quality of their food is very good.

Panache originally told us that we could be in the range of $20/person for our reception refreshments. However, when they changed that figure to $60/person without notifying us, they acted like we were untouchables when we reminded them of the price range that we had previously agreed on.

Their prices are completely unreasonable. For an average dinner at a reception (steak, chicken or fish), expect to be in the $60/head range. Note that this will not be disclosed up front - they will wait until it is almost too late to find anybody else.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
It seems that Panache tries to drum up business by branding itself as an upscale company with reasonable prices, but later adds a lot of fees and charges not disclosed upfront.

Problem Resolution 
When this problem did arise, their only "resolution" was for us to pay the higher price or find somebody else. They did not offer an intermediate solution, such as a more modest meal at a more reasonable price.

Panache is not worth dealing with. If you are shopping for a wedding caterer, look around at bridal shows and ask friends for referrals. Our personal suggestion is Carrie's Cakes.

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