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Pinnacle Reserve *           Overall Score      

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Product Quality

Pinnacle Reserve
13343 Minuteman Drive
Draper, UT 84020



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution


Summary: Pinnacle Reserve is a BRE Community that offers quality housing in Draper, UT - about 15 minutes south of Salt Lake. While the quality of the apartments is high, the service is sub-par and the cost is hard to justify in light of the low interest rate and ability to buy a home. Most would-be-renters that can afford to live in Pinnacle Reserve ($800/month for a 1-bedroom) will be better off building equity in their own home.

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Product Selection 

Product Quality 
There is no question that Pinnacle Reserve is a high-end apartment complex. The community seems to consist mostly of single professionals and young recent college graduates. As far as apartment living goes, Pinnacle Reserve, like most BRE properties, is top-notch.

The staff at Pinnacle Reserve were very difficult to work with and condescending. Considering the amount of money that is required to live there, you would think that they would treat potential residents with more respect.

Unless you are planning on living in the area for less than two years, it would be hard to justify renting a unit at Pinnacle Reserve as opposed to buying a house. The real estate market in Utah is very reasonable and in the current business climate, appears to be a good investment.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
The salesperson was thorough in their policies, but, as is common in the industry, did not disclose all of the costs of renting a unit up front. We had to push and prod to find out what our total monthly liability would be.

Problem Resolution 
When a problem did arise, like many companies that are afraid to admit when they are wrong, Pinnacle Reserve refused to communicate with us.

The value of renting a unit at Pinnacle Reserve is low because of the alternative real estate opportunities available in the Salt Lake area.

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