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Robert Dyer Photography *           Overall Score      

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Product Quality

Robert Dyer Photography
1350 East 9150 South
Sandy, UT 84093



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution



Summary (Utah Wedding Photographer): Robert Dyer is a professional photographer with a commitment to capturing your special day in a memorable way. His attention to detail will make your memories timeless.

Full Review

Product Selection 

Product Quality 
The quality of our wedding pictures is well beyond any others that we have seen.

Like most exceptional companies, this is where Robert Dyer excels. He was willing to do everything in his power to make our pictures exceptional. We took our bridal pictures up Cottonwood Canyon in freezing temperatures - he did not seem to mind as much as the groom did.

The price of using a professional photographer is obviously more expensive than using a student or a family member, but relative to other local professionals, his prices were quite reasonable.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
From the very beginning, Robert Dyer was thorough and honest about what the costs were and we were never surprised by any concealed costs. One thing to keep in mind when using a professional is that the photographer will have the rights to your photographs unless you buy them from the photographer which is often quite expensive - this is a standard practice and not a reflection of Robert Dyer Photography.

Problem Resolution  NA
No comment on this because no significant problems arose when working with this company.

Robert Dyer's exceptional service and commitment to quality along with a reasonable price translate into a great value. This professional photographer is highly recommended for any special events.

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