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Ruth's Chris

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134 W. Pierpont Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 366-4000



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Summary: Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is one of those rare places that I start dreaming about going back to while I'm walking out the door. The steaks are perfect, the sides are delicious and the ambience is very nice. We were seated in an upstairs section that wasn't as nice as the rest of the restaurant so if you are trying to do a romantic night out you should request a table on the ground floor.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Ruth's Chris has one of the best menus available at any steakhouse. While their steaks are arguably perfect I have to say that I enjoy the sweet potatoe mash just as much - it is unbelievably good. My only warning is that because of a candied topping on the sweet potatoes it actually tastes more like a dessert.

Product Quality 
By far the best steak I have ever had and it is served on a sizzling plate so it stays how through the whole meal. Everything that we ordered tasted great to me though I probably wouldn't recommend the shoestring fries - everything else is just a lot better.

This is the only place where I feel like Ruth's Chris in Salt Lake struggled. This is a new location (it has been open for a couple of months now) and I felt like maybe they couldn't find really qualified servers so they were using inexperienced people. Our server only checked on us two times throughout the meal when she wasn't bringing out food - this made for a lot of empty drink glasses.

You just have to know when you go to Ruth's Chris that you are going to drop a few bucks - it is an expensive restaurant. Expect to pay at least $30 or so for your steaks and all of the sides are extra. You should know, however, that the sides (with the exception of the baked potatoe) are served family style and you probably only need to order 2-3 sides for 4 people. This will help you save a bit of money without losing out on the experience at all.

Problem Resolution 
We didn't bring up our issue with the server with management so I won't really fault them for that, but I still wish that they had been more attentive to our needs - we had a large party (10 people or so) and they should have made an extra effort to take care of us.

For special occasions you would be hard-pressed to find a better value for such high-end food in Utah.

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