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Product Quality


Provo, UT



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution


Summary: Somethinglocal.com offers music to satisfy even the most demanding listeners. It provides great services to bands to help book venues and sell their music!

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Product Selection 
Listeners can download music of any genre from local bands.

Product Quality 
The music is great.

The employees work great with the bands and with people who want to book bands at their event and activities. It's a start-up company and so it seems there are a few problems now and again getting the back-end of the site to do everything the users want.

.79 for a song from an album! That's a great deal for unique music that's going to support the band who actually wrote and performed it!

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
Somethinglocal.com has a free down load updated every week/month. Somethinglocal.com gives free music give aways and they have a great podcast too. They give all sorts of free stuff.

Problem Resolution 
They get right on problems as they arise.


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