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Summary: I have been hearing about The Training Table for years. It seems like every time I am listening to a local morning talk show (such as the X96 Radio from Hell show) or watching TV at night, I see advertisements for The Training Table. I am not sure what has kept them in business for so long, but there must be some people out there that love mediocre fast food and are willing to pay significantly more than they would at a better restaurant.

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Product Selection 
They had a decent selection of food. It is mostly greasy American food such as hamburgers, etc.

Product Quality 
This is where I was pretty disappointed - I had heard nothing but good things about the training table since I moved here five years ago (OK, there was some lawsuit a while back because their restaurants were not easily accessible by the handicap, which isn't good). They frequently advertise on X96 (a great local, independent radio station) and run a lot of local TV spots. The burgers were alright, but the cheese fries just didn't do it for me. I was pretty unimpressed.

The girl that took our order (you place your order over a telephone at your table) was very friendly. This is a pretty good place if you don't like people hovering over your table as they wait on you because you place your order from your table, then pick it up when they call and tell you it's ready.

I thought it was pretty expensive - basically, for two people, we spent just over $20. When I think fast food, I tend to think that $5 per person should be enough.

Problem Resolution  NA
We didn't have any problems.

The quality of the food just doesn't justify the price. I wouldn't mind paying what we paid for dinner if the cheese fries or burgers were to die for, but they weren't (although the lemonade was pretty good - but how can you mess up lemonade?).

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