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Summary: The Utah division of U-Haul is staffed by low-quality, disrespectful telephone reps. If you are looking for a moving truck in Utah, do yourself a favor and try Budget or some other company. If U-Haul is your only option, deal directly with one of their stores.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Even booking a moving trucks several weeks in advance, we had very few options of what we could get. Also, if you are looking for storage, they have a few locations, but they only have 2 or 3 options of different storage sheds you can get.

Product Quality  NA
Not applicable - the car that we finally got was good enough.

This is where U-Haul really failed - we called into their 800 number to rent a truck a few days before we needed it (this was the 2'nd time we used them - the first time was when we moved in). They made us pay a $5 fee just to book the truck, which we were fine with. Then they told me that I couldn't book a truck until Sunday - I told the service rep. that I talked to a local store that said that they could get me one on Saturday afternoon. She checked again and said that she had made a mistake, that was right. Since they added no value and I had to tell them when the next one was available, I felt like they should reimburse me for the cost. She told me that she would not reimburse me and she got upset when I told her I wanted to talk to a manager. Finally she hung up on me, but about an hour later, my phone rang and it was her, though she hung up when I answered. She called back a few more times and hung up. I was never able to get her name.

If you are moving and need a truck, call Budget. They are cheaper and more pleasant to work with. Also, they don't charge you a fee to make a reservation.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
Charging somebody up front for a reservation that they might not ever be able to make is not a reasonable sales tactic. U-Haul is the incumbent in the moving industry, but I have never been impressed with the way they treat their customers.

Problem Resolution 
As mentioned above, they hung up on me and called me back to harass me later. I am sure that they do not actually teach their customers to act like this, but it does show that they do not have adequate customer service training nor do they hire high-caliber employees.

As I mentioned before, go to Budget or somewhere else. You will not be satisfied with the value of using U-Haul in Utah.

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