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Apple Itunes

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Summary: iTunes is revolutionary - it gives you a centralized place to legally download music on the internet. While some cheaper providers have popped up (see Wal-Mart), iTunes quality is unrivaled and the software itself is...well, just cool. Find music fast at iTunes. Search for any artist, song, or album on the store.

Full Review

Product Selection 
iTunes has a pretty good selection of music. There have been a few times that I have been looking for popular artists, and was surprised that iTunes didn't have it. However, one time I submitted a request that they add an artist and within a week they had it. I'm sure that was not just because of me, but I was impressed that they do actually listen to feedback from their customers.

Product Quality 
These are the highest quality music downloads I have ever heard. After wading through the napster-era, the quality of all my iTunes blows me away - I swear they sound better than the CD's I buy at the store.

The one time I have had a problem with iTunes and emailed them they were very slow to answer my email. I understand that it is not cost-effective for them to wade through millions of emails a day, but I was a little frustrated because I have spent a lot of money on their service.

The price is good - you pay a buck for a song or $10 for most complete albums. This is nice because it takes the mystery out of how much you are going to pay for music - it is always consistent.

Reasonable Sales Tactics  NA
They don't need any kind of sales tactics.

Problem Resolution 
As I mentioned before, I did have a problem logging into the service for about a week (and looking at online forums I was not the only one). However, this is the only time that I have had a problem with the service, so I am speaking from only one episode.

Buying music digitally makes sense from an economic perspective - when you go to a store and buy a CD, you are paying for the rights to the music as well as the reproduction costs. When you buy from iTunes, you are only buying the rights to the music rather than the cost of reproducing and packaging the CD - you will have the music for as long as you take care of it.

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