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700 East (in front of Cougar Copy)
Provo, UT 84606




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Summary: J-Dawg's is a small hot dog stand generating quite a buzz in Provo. A BYU student has unlocked the key to the perfect hot dog which includes an insanely addictive "special sauce." Next time you pass Provo, do yourself a favor and swing over to the hot dog stand - it may change your life. My plain advice: if you're in the area and you don't live here, make sure you go to Jdawgs to taste what a real hot dog should taste like. The special sauce is amazing.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Much like In-n-Out Burger, J-Dawg's features a simple menu. They offer polish dogs, beef dogs and soda. That's it. Condiments are available, but I highly recommend you get your dog with the special sauce. It is great.

Product Quality 
If a hot dog is what you are craving, the only competition to J-Dawg's quality is found in a Sabrett's hot dog in New York City.

J-Dawg's is owned and operated (for the most part) by J-Dawg himself. His service is impeccable - he remembers repeat customers and exactly how they like their dog.

The price for a dog is $2.75, a dog and a soda is $3. This might seem steep to the Oscar Meyer crowd, but it is more reasonable to compare it to the cost of a hot dog at Fuddrucker's which is comparable.

Problem Resolution  NA
No comment on this because no significant problems arose when working with this company.

If you like a good hot dog, you will not be disappointed by the value you will find at J-Dawg's. One word of warning is that as it is just a hot dog stand, the only seating you will find is a curb next to the stand and a picnic table in the back. I usually take them to go or eat in my car.

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